The Mikey555 Universe [Post-Split] Edit

The Mikey555 Universe is no longer just a single world within the vast realm of Mikey555's alternate universes, but is now used to refer to the entirety of the Mikey555 Multiverse. The Mikey555 Multiverse is a confusing collection of multiple worlds, some of which were created as a result of rising instability in different universes (excessive instability can cause universes to fork, creating a separate one).

The Mikey555 Universe [Pre-Split] Edit

The information in this section is now outdated due to the split.

The Mikey555 Universe is the only universe connected to The Real World.

Mikey555 has complete control a large amount of control over this universe, and is capable of modifying it to any extent, even creating alternate versions of it, sub-dimensions, etc.

Mikey555 seems to have lost some control over it during the split, in 2015. Fragments of objects and information from The Real World have somehow leaked into the Mikey555 Universe, modifying it to some extent.

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