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A picture of Mikey555 in blockland


The main character of the wiki (and the fictional universe about him). he sometimes becomes involved in videos. and he likes to roam on the past.

What is a Mikey555?Edit

Mikey555 is some person on the internet who I, someone who he met on Blockland, somehow became friends with. the end.

What is the entire comprehensive history of Mikey555 in the eyes of you, Meadow?Edit

i'm really glad you asked, because I either am writing or have already written a page all about this! here's the link

Why should I care about Mikey555?Edit

i dunno lol

Meadow(tm) Mikey555 Level GraphEdit

levels by avicii how deep are you in the mikey555 friendship?
LEVEL 1: Mikey555 is on your friends list in something
LEVEL 2: Mikey555 often does stuff with you
LEVEL 3: Mikey555 mentions that one long-lost animator to you
LEVEL 4: Mikey555 is a significant person to you.
LEVEL 5: Being at this level usually means that you've been woven into the fabric of the Mikey555 storyline somehow. By this point, Level 2 is usually no longer applicable.
LEVEL 6: You're friends with Mikey555 IRL. This is impossible incredibly difficult to pull off, considering the Mikey555 Universe and the real world are not meant to be connected.
LEVEL 7: You're most likely a derivative personality of Mikey555. This very rarely happens, but sometimes a separate entity will split from Mikey555 and take on a personality of its own.
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