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Blockland 00013

Aaowf (blockland name Meadow) in his natural habitat

Who is he? Edit

Aaowf is one of Mikey555's 4 (to my knowledge) friends. He has made the stupid descision to go along with Mikey555 in his quest to restore the universe from the evil space noodles.

The Origins of Aaowf and Mikey555 Edit

Mikey555 met me, Aaowf, another two years later when he joined my Blockland server. If you don't know, Blockland is a game where you use bricks to build stuff. No, it's not anything like Roblox. stfu. Upon spawning, he requested to own the empty store next to the book store I was making (it was a town RP), and I gave it to him. He called it the "Random Store." that name stuck, too. In the next few months, Mikey and I kept building towns together (although I did most of the work), and mikey kept extending the Random store.

From The History of Mikey555

True Facts about the Meadow (LAST EDITED 2013) Edit

He likes:

-Blockland (obviously)


-Being able to "customize" something


-Vertical Shooters

-Horizontal Shooters

-His good friend Joseph (AKA Curly)

He dislikes: -Mikey's obsession over a long dead MMV artist

-People who think violent video games cause real life violence

-Xbox One

-Mikey555's low quality standards

-People on youtube who start "brony" wars by replying hatefully to comments because their icon is a pony-like picture. 

-How Mikey555 almost never does anything with him anymore

-How hard it was to make these bullet points evenly spaced

A graph, because this page needed one Edit

Here's a graph.

How to manage a business
Profits $0 0
Savings $0 12
Investments $lots 495
Tax Returns $6 I don't understand this
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